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Why Hard Surface Cleaning Business

Since early 1997 tile and grout began to grow rapidly in homes and businesses leaving the maintenance for these new textured surfaces to old methodology. The housing collapse was thought to slow this trend but according to research published in Nov. 2011 Floor Daily hard surface installations are continuing to increase because of the high value and longevity for the consumer. This means more growth for this new service that cleaning professionals can’t provide without proper tools and training.

We offer entire complete and ready to tile cleaning package pre-assembled with everything you will need to start your own new business. Why waste your money buying everything you need piece by piece when you can buy them all at once and get a large discount on everything? We also have excellent deals on Hydroforce Hard Surface Tools and Truckmount Extractors. To find out more call us today at (877) 467-6868

Looking to expand your carpet cleaning business beyond just the basics? Hard surface cleaning and restoration is a great place to start! Rotovac carries the leading brands of hard surface cleaning tools, including: hydroforce sx-15, Mytee Waterhog, hydroforce gecko, grout cleaning tools, hydroforce sprayer, and not just the best grout cleaning tool but we supply tile polishing tools as well.

With all the different tile & grout cleaning opportunities everywhere you will have limitless sources for income. Tile and grout cleaning is only one aspect of service. Most tile and grout restoration contractors who use tile cleaning floor machines are working to hard if they don’t include the right tile grout cleaning tools and training. We have pioneered some of the best tile & grout cleaning technologies available today and they are surprisingly durable yet light weight to use. When it comes to tile grout tools the Turbo-Hybrid has been one of the most proven tile cleaning tools for nearly 12 years.

Our technology advances will allow you to restore nearly any hard surface faster, deeper and drier than any other tile flooring tools or method currently sold. The texture of the many surfaces used today easily trap dirt and residues that mops only make worse as time goes by. The force of water from our system seeks out the dirt that hides and our vacuum system disposes of immediately as you clean. It’s as simple as that.

  • No water left behind to mop up.

  • Cleans 600 to 1200 square feet per hour

  • Lighter and easier to use than any other tile tool or system.

  • Closer to edges, verticals and under all toe kicks.

  • A two step process with no need to scrub most jobs, just pre-spray, Turbo-extract and your done

These advances bring high profits to your business and clients are everywhere.

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System Tools

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Ongoing Support

Many companies will just sell you the equipment - and that's it, end of transaction. We do things a little differently, and provide ongoing support after we send you your tools...


quote Being in the business 10 years before I used what everyone else had been using to clean floors. I never imagined I could find a better way to do it. The guys at Rotovac helped me see a better way and wow what a difference! They really knew what I needed to really start making more money by cleaning more efficiently. Thanks again! I really felt that you wanted me to succeed.
- D. Cavanaugh




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